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Founded in 1924


Zachry Construction builds vital transportation infrastructure that enhances the safety, mobility, and sustainability of our world.  From heavy construction to environmental to underground utility services, at Zachry, all roads lead to the extraordinary.  

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Career Advancement

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Career Advancement

Once you are a Zachry team member, opportunities for career advancement are inspired through programs that help careers progress like technical training, career counseling, mentorships, and leadership development.

Careers in Numbers

Why I  love Zachry.

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To Keep Workers in Today's Economy,
Flexibility Is More Important Than Money


I actually just came from a huge construction company in San Antonio called Zachry, and they have a Dream Manager. His job is to interview every person about what their dreams are. I’m as cynical as the next person, but it was like, okay, this company is crushing it right now and they’re talking to individual people who might have a high school diploma, they may not have a college degree, and they were just interviewing them one by one about what are your dreams? And how can we be part of those dreams? I think the future is stuff like that.


Marcus Buckingham

English author, Motivational speaker and Business consultant

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Leadership Program

An organization that wants to succeed together needs training like this to lay the groundwork for common practices and goals. Using the SMART principle for goal setting and establishing methods to measure what we expect has provided positive ways to keep us on track and celebrate our successes.

Bruce Loesch


Quality Control Manager

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New Hire Orientation / Onboarding at Zachry

As a new team member, Zachry Professional Onboarding was a warm welcome. Although we were not able to meet in person, I was able to put a face to those I will be working with in the future. I left with new knowledge of how to navigate Zachry’s systems/policies and a list of who to contact if I need help. I was even able to win a company mug after playing a few virtual games with the other attendees.


 Jennifer Schnelle

Project Engineer

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Career Advancement

I was fortunate to find a company with so many amazing people and values. So, I did everything I could to stay. It’s been an amazing start to the next chapter in my life.

Arnold Villarreal



Why I love Zachry
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