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Zachry Women Breaking Ground (ZWBG) is an employee-resource group with a mission to inspire an environment that supports the growth and success of women in construction through leadership, advocacy, equality, empowerment, inclusivity, and education for all. 

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Recruit . Retain . Develop

ZWBG provides networking, mentoring, and professional development opportunities for the support, personal growth, and camaraderie of women companywide.

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Recruit Internal:  ZWBG internally recruits women and men to create a network from Zachry Construction and Capitol Aggregates in various roles, length of service and career paths.

Recruit External ZWBG attends company recruiting events to share “boots on the ground” experiences with potential female candidates.

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Zachry encourages women to support one another both professionally and personally by hosting quarterly meetings, participating in industry-related groups and conferences, and hosting their own leadership conference.

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Zachry develops women by supporting  memberships in professional organizations like National Women in Construction, attending conferences to network and gain knowledge of other successful companies. 

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