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100 Years of Building the Extraordinary ®

“As we celebrate 100 years of Zachry, we honor our humble beginnings and recognize the tens of thousands of people who quite literally built our success. Zachry began with three bridges outside a border town in South Texas. From that humble beginning grew a business that worked in more than 40 states and 16 countries. What remains the same, however, is the one consistent truth in Zachry’s history – the real key is the people. We will face our next century with the same grit, innovation, enthusiasm, and concern for others that led us to where we are today.”

David Zachry

President and CEO


100 Years of Excellence

These statistics highlight Zachry’s incredible achievements throughout the past 100 years showcasing the company’s dedication and innovation. Together, we will keep dreaming big for a brighter future.


Team Members


ZCC Projects


25-Year Club



Hotel Rooms


Generations of

 Family Leadership





Completed work

in 40 States


Miles of Roads

Built by ZCC


Countries and 2 US Territories of

Completed Work


Global Impact

The interactive map below is a glimpse into Zachry’s vast portfolio of more than 5,500 projects, showcasing projects the company has undertaken in the United States and around the globe. From converting a vital facility from the Manhattan Project into the Capitol Aggregates cement plant to pioneering modular construction with the Palacio del Rio Hotel, our endeavors span a wide spectrum. Zachry’s work includes constructing major transportation projects, responding swiftly to historical events like Pearl Harbor, and contributing to global infrastructure in locations like the Sinai Desert and Spain. With a diverse array of projects ranging from dams and highways to hospitals and airports, Zachry’s impact is worldwide.

Retiree Testimonials

We have generously given our time, talent, and resources to support and improve the communities where we live. The following retiree testimonials are only a tiny fraction of our achievements. They are, however, representative of our history and a part of the foundation of our future.

Layer 5.png

Zachry is a company with a principle of valuing the employee because they recognize without the employee and employee contribution there probably would not be a Zachry company.

Moon Fahel

Layer 0.png

He [H.B. Zachry] used to say, ‘The people who built this company are the ones in the field… they would get the big “abrazo” from him.’

Barbara Henk

Layer 4.png

Find out who you are, learn what we do, and serve the organization back from your deepest self.

John Hornsby

Layer 3.png

The relationship between the owner, management, and the workers made everyone feel like family- like you were part of something more than yourself.

Max Frailey

Layer 1.png

The company stresses training, and building capabilities within each of us bringing out the best in all of us.

Joe Lozano

Layer 2.png

Mr. H.B. “Pat” Zachry knew everybody by name, which really impressed me.

Hilton Schweitzer


Our History

Even the extraordinary has humble beginnings – what started with a single construction project in South Texas is now a large-scale, diverse company operating in the construction, hospitality, and aggregates markets. 

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